5SR - March 7, 2024

Hitha on menopause, junk fees, and a princess to know about

Things that are equally unsurprising and infuriating - that menopause is treated like a disease (it’s not) rather than a decades-long change that over half the population will experience.

It’s not just a single article that’s petitioning for this change in care. It’s an entire practice of medicine and a series of deeply researched articles petitioning for this change and for greater research in menopause, especially in women of color.

And we need to do it now, given the rise of menopause care startups that operate with little oversight or regulation and prey on a lot of patients’ legitimate concerns.

I could talk at length about perimenopause (and I have). If you’re looking for supportive care, Dr. Jennifer Lincoln has the best advice for you:

I am THRILLED that Anne Helen Petersen gave ACOTAR the full Culture Study analysis, and IT. DID. NOT. DISAPPOINT.

Our culture has a terrible norm of infantilizing or diminishing the things created by women and for women, degrading them with the “chick” or “girl” moniker when describing them (despite the immense revenue these works generate to the studios and publishers that preserves said infantilization).

One of the reasons I love Culture Study is that Anne Helen gives these works a thoughtful, detailed examination and analysis that’s also entertaining and joyful to read and listen to.

ACOTAR was my gateway into fantasy romance (a very specific subgenre whose individual genres I’d long loved), and I still feel wistful when I see someone reading it in public and wishing I could go back to the first time I picked up the series.

I now have a new wistful feeling of wishing I could read this essay and listen to this podcast again. It’s just so smart and satisfying.

I have my fair share of frustrations with this administration, as any voter has.

I’m also impressed at this administration’s relentless focus on price gouging and consumer spending relief across nearly American industry - prescription medication costs, student loan debt (they’ve cancelled $138B to date), junk fees, and now banking and credit card fees.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued a new regulation that caps most credit card late fees to $8 (down from an average of $32), and overdraft fees to $3 (down from $35).

Late and overdraft fees are a massive profit center for credit card companies and banks - generating 5X than the cost of collecting late payments. This new regulation save Americans nearly $10B a year.

This will provide significant relief to most Americans, who hold more than $1T in credit card debt (and where more are falling behind on payments).

My favorite history rabbit hole is the princess-who-bucked-tradition one.

I’m thoroughly enjoying Vagabond Princess, and I’m about to dive into Sisters: Princess Daisy of Pless and Shelagh Duchess of Winchester after reading this piece.

The English noble-turned-Princess of Pless was a impeccably stylish, passionate humanitarian (especially in her care of women and children), and an early royal divorcee who continued her charitable work long after her marriage ended.

Sound familiar?

I loved learning more about this badass princess. When I finally make it to Poland, I’m adding her homes (Książ and Palm House) to visit.

It’s no secret that our attention is focused on what’s happening in Gaza. Iran prefers it that way as they focus on their proxy war with the United States through their support of the Houthis, Hezbollah, and militias in Iraq and Syria, as well as their support of Hamas.

While there’s a delicate ceasefire in Syria and Iraq, things could heat up as things escalate in the region.

I found this piece to be really detailed in what exactly is happening in the region. It’s definitely worth your time.

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